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Jiangsu yequan pump valve  MFC Co. Ltd. is a set of product research and development, design, production, sales as one of the joint-stock companies, the company is located in Jiangsu Binhai pump valve industrial park, covers an area of 19800 square meters. Company production, testing equipment, all kinds of professional and a galaxy of talents, product development, design, manufacturing, sales and after sale service in one. The establishment of, and is committed to the promotion and implementation of the ISO9001 quality system. The company is Chinese Chemical Equipment Industry Association, association of mechanical power technology, quality inspection association, society of mechanical engineering, China Construction Metal Structure Association, water supply and Drainage Association, Chinese Environmental Protection Association, association of fire. YEQUAN brand pumps, company production of water supply and drainage equipment, has the advantages of novel, efficient, energy saving, performance, and other unique advantages. Performance at or close to the contemporary international level. By the State Trademark Bureau YEQuan brand trademark registration.

Company led the production of centrifugal pump, fire pump series, emission control cabinet series pump series, non negative pressure water supply equipment series, etc.. Products are widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil, oil refining, power, pharmaceutical, coating, metallurgy, mining, bio engineering, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering water supply and drainage, fire protection and other industries, is now in Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Zhejiang, Anshan, Zhengzhou, Urumqi, Chengdu and other more than a dozen center city building the sales company, and equipped with after sale service. Also exported to Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions at home and abroad by and funded enterprises welcome, and get a better evaluation and reputation.

The company will uphold the "people-oriented, image first" business principles, "strive for perfection, cast a big industry" spirit of enterprise, "a sound system, innovation, and pragmatic development, create brilliant" the quality policy. To realize the grand blueprint of liquid Quan enterprise scale, collectivize, modernization!